Service of Nissan Almera from 1995 to 2000 in N15 body
1. General information
2. General requirements to car repairs
3. Operation and maintenance of the car
4. Petrol engines
5. Diesel engines
5.1. General information
5.2. Block of cylinders and krivoshipnoshatunny mechanism
5.3. Gas distribution mechanism
5.4. Cooling system
5.5. Lubrication system
5.6. Power supply system
5.6.1. Design features
5.6.2. Removal and TNVD installation
5.6.3. Adjustment of TNVD
5.6.4. Check of adjustment of TNVD
5.6.5. Adjustment of idling of the CD20 engine
5.6.6. Adjustment of the maximum frequency of rotation without CD20 engine loading
5.6.7. Adjustment of the shock-absorber of the drive of management of fuel supply
5.6.8. Replacement of a belt of the TNVD drive
5.6.9. Removal of air and a sediment from the fuel filter and a fuel supply system
5.7. Control system of the CD20 engine
5.8. Control system of the CD20E engine
5.9. System of production of the fulfilled gases
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Schemes of electric equipment



5.6.4. Check of adjustment of TNVD

Put a bent shaft in a point of an initial corner of an advancing of injection of fuel. For this purpose turn a bent shaft and establish a cut (without color marking) its pulley against a tag on the block of cylinders (the piston in the 1st cylinder is in the provision of VMT of a step of compression). Turn a bent shaft on 20 — 25 ° (for the CD20 engine) or on 100 ° (for the CD20E engine) counterclockwise, then establish on "0" arrow of the indicator. Slowly turning a bent shaft clockwise, establish a tag of yellow color on a pulley of a bent shaft against the tag corresponding to an initial corner of an advancing of injection of fuel. In this position of the shooter of the indicator has to show the set pump plunger course. If the course of a plunger of the pump deviates a preset value, repeat adjustment of TNVD. Remove adaptation from a support. Install a stopper with new laying on the pump distributor. On CD20 engines remove a plate for shutdown of the device for launch of the cold engine. Connect all sockets, vacuum drives and cables suitable to TNVD. Establish fuel-supply lines of high pressure, then connect the bringing and drain fuel-supply lines to the pump, connect the rechargeable battery. Remove air from an engine power supply system with fuel.

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5.6.3. Adjustment of TNVD
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5.6.5. Adjustment of idling of the CD20 engine