ABS diagnostics. Nissan Almera (from 1995 to 1999 release)
Service of Nissan Almera from 1995 to 2000 in N15 body
1. General information
2. General requirements to car repairs
3. Operation and maintenance of the car
4. Petrol engines
5. Diesel engines
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
9.1. General information
9.2. Brake mechanisms of forward wheels
9.3. Brake mechanisms of back wheels of drum type
9.4. Brake mechanisms of back wheels of disk type
9.5. Drive of brakes
9.6. Anti-blocking system of brakes
9.6.1. Principle of action
9.6.2. Removal and installation of the ABS hydrounit
9.6.3. Check and replacement of sensors of speed
9.6.4. Replacement of a rotor of the sensor of a forward wheel
9.6.5. Replacement of a rotor of the sensor of a back wheel
9.6.6. ABS diagnostics
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Schemes of electric equipment


9.6.6. ABS diagnostics

In case of malfunction of system performing diagnostics is possible. Compound ABS units are not subject to adjustment and in case of failure are replaced.

Fig. 7.23. Numbering of conclusions of the EBU ABS socket

Check of electric chains of ABS is made on a shtekerny block of the EBU socket (fig. 7.23).
It is forbidden to connect extenders of test devices (an ohmmeter or the voltmeter) to EBU socket plugs. For this purpose it is necessary to take off a plastic protective cap from a socket block from a supply of electrical wires or to use transitional I will corrode. You watch that numbering of conclusions on a block of wires of the EBU socket coincided with numbering of conclusions of a block of the transitional socket.
Before replacing the hydrounit, EBU or other expensive units, it is recommended to make more careful check of ABS by means of the CONSULT device of Nissan.
For conducting check at the switched-off ignition disconnect a shtekerny block of EBU. All other shtekerny sockets of the ABS system have to be connected. The stoplight switch also should not be disconnected. You make check according to tab. 7.2 and 7.3.

  Table 7.2 Check of Electric Chains ABS
check No.
Connection of the device
Conditions of conducting check
The expected result of measurement
Possible place of malfunction
Conclusion "4" sockets of the relay and "weight"
Ignition is switched off
U=Uakk. baht.
Fuse D (30 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion "4" sockets of the relay and "weight"
The same
Fuse C (30 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion of "1" socket of the switch of a stoplight and "weight"
Fuse No. 14 (10 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion of "1" EBU and "weight"
Ignition is included
Fuse No. 12 (7,5 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion of "30" EBU and "weight"
Fuse No. 8 (10 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion "7" sockets of diagnostics and "weight"
Fuse No. 7 (7,5 A) or electrical wiring
Conclusion "19" sockets of the hydrounit and "weight"
Relay of power supply of electromagnetic valves
Conclusion of "48" EBU and "weight"
Ignition is switched off, the pedal of a brake is released
Stoplight switch
Conclusions "28", "29" or "39" EBU and "weight"
Ignition is switched off. EBU is connected on "weight" (the rechargeable battery is switched-off)
RЈ0,5 of Ohms
Electrical wiring or point of connection of "weight"

  Table 7.3 Check of Sensors of Speed of Rotation of Wheels
check No.
EBU socket conclusion
The checked sensor
Conditions of conducting check
The expected result of measurement
Possible place of malfunction
"15" and "14"
Forward right wheel
The switch of ignition or devices and starter is switched off
0,8-1,2 kOhm
Sensor, connections of wires or wire
"9" and "10"
Forward left wheel
"11" and "38"
Back right wheel
"13" and "12"
Back left wheel

Before performing diagnostics be convinced of tightness of the vacuum amplifier, of lack of squeezing of hoses of the brake system and their tightness. Add brake fluid in a system tank to normal level. At operations with shtekerny blocks pay attention to a condition of their conclusions, spring locks and existence of rubber laying.
The scheme of electric chains of the ABS system is provided in a color tab at the end of the book.

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